Pohjola Vakuutus – Lessor’s insurance

Take out a landlord insurance (called Lessor’s insurance at Pohjola Vakuutus) and benefit from a reduced deductible.

As a member of the Finnish Landlord Association*, you get a reduced deductible with your landlord insurance, applicable to your consequential loss insurance. This benefit is available for individual members with privately-owned investment properties.

If the damage (e.g. fire or leakage damage) related to the covered loss of rental income exceeds your deductible, the deductible is not deducted from your insurance compensation. The deductible is the equivalent of 50% of one-month rent.

  • The landlord insurance offered by Pohjola is suitable for all residential apartments and properties. The insurance includes the basic cover, i.e. Pohjola Home insurance, along with optional additional coverages: consequential loss insurance, legal expenses insurance and general liability insurance.
  • The most competitive insurance in the insurance comparison** and one of the best providers of extended coverages for landlords.
  • Lessor’s consequential loss insurance compensates you for loss of rental income if your investment property is temporarily unfit to live due to damage covered by Pohjola Home Insurance and you lose out on rental income during the renovation.
  • Get a tailored insurance for your investment property’s surface materials, parts of the apartment and fixtures. You can also insure your home contents if you are renting out a furnished apartment. 
  • The landlord insurance offered by Pohjola also covers any extensions to maintenance liability assigned to you based on the articles of association or with a decision by a shareholders’ meeting.
  • Competitive deductibles and insured values.
  • If you are our owner-customer, the deductible in losses due to fire, natural phenomenon and criminal damage in your home may be as little as 0 euros.

To activate your benefit:

Request a quote and provide your membership number to our customer service by calling +358 303 0303 or by visiting our offices. If you are already a customer, update your membership information with our customer service to activate your membership benefit. The membership benefit cannot be currently activated at our online service or on OP-mobile.

The insurance is issued by Pohjola Insurance Ltd.

*The membership benefit applies to new and existing Pohjola Lessor’s insurances with lessor’s consequential loss cover as an additional cover.

**Full comparison of landlord insurances 2022. Commissioned by: The Finnish Landlord Association Executed by: Söderberg & Partners Finland. The comparison is available at the Finnish Landlord Association’s member pages.