Our strategy: 2019–2023 

Our long-term dream: 

Anyone can be a landlord. Anyone can rent. 

What we do and what sets us apart: 

The Finnish Landlord Association is a national organization for private landlords and real-estate investors that makes renting a rewarding, safe and easy journey.  

Our community 

We form a community of landlords who adhere to good, humane leasing practices. We create a network for private landlords that improves their competence and brings a competitive edge. Strong growth improves our status in society. 


We offer top expertise on judicial and market-related matters in real estate investment. We are always eager to collaborate and engage in discourse. Advancing fair and honest practices in all real estate operations is important to us. We welcome change and see it as a positive. 


We are always willing to help and to exceed expectations. We are easy to approach professionals with a personal touch. Our services form the backbone for a profitable, effortless rental operation and good living. 


We want to become even better landlords. We experiment, innovate and keep learning new things. We believe in continuous development. 


Profit and customer service are at the core of profitability. Only a profitable operation creates continuity and high-quality, safe rental living. 

Download our strategy as PDF: Our strategy 2019–2023 (in Finnish)