KTI Laskutus – Debt collection service for members

As a member of the Finnish Landlord Association, you can easily assign any unpaid rents to KTI Laskutus Oy for a members only price. This benefit is available for individual members.

Member prices:

  • Opening a debt collection assignment €49.60 (incl. VAT 24%)
  • Commission for extrajudicial debt collection 0%
  • Commission for post-collection 5%

Any extra costs related to debt collection are collected primarily from the tenant. If debt collection from the tenant fails, these costs may be collected from the landlord.

To activate your benefit:

Commence with debt collection quickly and effortlessly by e-mailing us at perinta@ktilaskutus.fi or calling us at +358 10 411 2772. You can activate the benefit by indicating that you are a member of the Finnish Landlord Association and entering a valid membership benefit code.

At a minimum, debt collection requires the following information:

  • Indication of notice given to the tenant. (Please note! If the tenant is a private person, you only need to give notice once. Debt collection may commence after 14 days of the notice.)
  • A copy of the lease agreement.
  • Information regarding overdue rents, including sums and due dates.
  • Indication of whether the tenant is still living in the rental apartment.

KTI Laskutus Oy is a full-service Finnish company that specializes in debt collection and management of receivables, particularly focusing on digital services. The Key Flag Symbol verifies that we are truly a Finnish company.

Our approach to debt collection is to preserve the relationship between our client and the debtor. Our strength is finding a solution for paying the receivables. If necessary, we make payment plans and also monitor them. Your tenant is an important client to us as well. We are not just faceless collectors that send bills. A polite phone call or an e-mail may often provide key information on why the rent is unpaid. We also devise solutions for these situations, making rent management more efficient.