Annual general meeting

The annual general meeting of the association is held by the end of May at a date set by the board of the association. Invitations to the annual general meeting are published in the member magazine a minimum of 14 days before the meeting. Invitations are also sent to members by email.

You can attend the annual general meeting at the meeting location or with a remote connection. The board may decide that in order to exercise their right to vote in the meeting, remote attendants are required to register for the meeting by the date specified in the invite. The last day of meeting registration may not be set later than one week before the meeting.

Each full member has one vote in the annual general meeting. Support members or family members of full members are not entitled to vote. A full member may use their vote in writing via an authorized agent. According to the rules of the association, however, no one person is allowed to represent more than two members in a meeting or have a share of more than 5% (1/20) of all votes in a meeting.

The annual general meeting of the association has the following agenda:

  1. opening the meeting
  2. electing the chairperson, secretary, examiners of the minutes (2), and vote counters (2, if required)
  3. confirming the quorum and validity of the meeting
  4. approving the agenda
  5. presenting the financial statement, annual report, and the statement of the auditor and operations inspector
  6. confirming the financial statement and granting discharge from liability to the board and other responsible parties
  7. confirming the remuneration or other compensation for the board members
  8. confirming the remuneration for the auditor and the operations inspector
  9. confirming the operational plan/strategy
  10. confirming the budget and the entry and membership fees
  11. electing new board members
  12. selecting one auditor and one alternate auditor along with one operations inspector and one vice operations inspector
  13. processing other matters specified in the meeting invitation.

If an association member wants to add a matter on the agenda, they must make a written statement to the board in time for the matter to be included in the meeting invitation.