National-level influencing

Private landlords rent out approximately 350,000 apartments around Finland. With approximately 500,000 residents, they make up about one third of all rental apartments. Private landlords have an essential role in securing a rental market that serves the needs of our society. It is safe to say that a successful housing policy requires that real estate investment remains an attractive proposition.

The Finnish Landlord Association represents private landlords in Finland in public discourse and actively seeks to influence the public opinion to strengthen opportunities to participate in rental activities. Renting out should be safer, easier and more profitable.

Our main focus is on five principal themes:

  • Taxation of residential property investment and renting
  • Funding of residential property investment
  • Renting legislation and housing company legislation
  • Housing policies and supportive measures that create room for private landlords to operate
  • The future and digitalization of renting

Some examples include amount of taxes paid on rental income, legal conditions for a rental operation (the Act on Residential Leases), housing company legislation, and legislation regarding the terms and conditions of mortgages.

Some current items on the agenda:

  • Changes in the terms and conditions of mortgages, such as the maximum debt-to-income ratio
  • Airbnb and other equivalent services in relation to standard rental operations
  • Taxation of capital income
  • Deductibility of housing company loan instalments
  • Controlling maintenance expenses and the continuously increasing property tax
  • Preparation of a long-term housing policy program
  • Allocating the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland’s (ARA) rental apartments to those who most need them
  • Housing support system and its development
  • Profitability and significance of private landlord operations to the Finnish rental market and housing supply
  • Annulment of norms related to parking spaces, shelters, and zoning
  • Amendment of the Land Use and Building Act
  • All definitions of policy are set by the board of the association which approves the association’s goals. The opinion of the board is based on member opinions and thorough expert work.

How does the association influence the market and the political environment?

We actively participate in public discourse related to renting. Moreover, we highlight important matters concerning landlords and raise related discussion. To support this, we produce reports on current issues with extensive looks on specific matters. In addition to public discourse, we influence political decision-making directly and work in close cooperation with other industry players and authorities. We provide expertise and scientific data to policymakers.

The Finnish Landlord Association is part of the Finnish Real Estate Federation, a national lobby for property owners. In addition to landlords, the federation consists of housing companies and real estate companies. We are actively involved in the federation’s work, extending our influence on the industry beyond rental activities.

Our statements on measures taken by the government and other authorities