Membership info

As a member of the Finnish Landlord Association, you have the best know-how of the Finnish rental market at your disposal along with many valuable membership benefits.

Who can apply for a membership?

The Finnish Landlord Association accepts individual and corporate members who approve the association’s purpose and who own residential apartments or business premises or who lease or sublease these spaces. 

You may add one family member to your individual membership free of charge if they reside in the same address. Corporate members include e.g. companies, other types of corporations and estates. 

You must submit a list of all leased apartments you own and control at the time of joining the association. This list is updated annually. 

The membership term is not fixed.

Your membership is continuous and is automatically renewed for the new year unless you terminate it in writing. Your membership is terminated at the end of the year during which you have provided your written notice of termination to the association.