Harri Huru & Marko Kaarto: Asuntosijoittajan lumipalloefekti

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Veteran real-estate investors Harri Huru and Marko Kaarto know how to help create a snowballing effect in growing your real estate investment. They have now compiled their knowledge into one book. They want to help readers create a snowball effect where the investment simply rolls along making profit yet remaining fully under the control of the investor.

For instance, the book answers the following questions:

• How can you reach a level where the profitability and growth of your real estate investment improve without taking unnecessarily high risks?
• How can you get your real estate investment snowballing?
• How can you use the BRRRR (‘Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat’) method to make the snowball bigger?
• What are the key performance indicators of a professional real-estate investor?
• How can you grow and accelerate your snowball with tax planning?
• How can a real-estate investor recover their initial investment in just three years?
• How can you become a developer?
• How can you build a rowhouse with relatively little equity by leveraging the competence of others and borrowed capital?

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