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The Finnish Landlord Association aims to offer the best expertise on renting and real estate investment in Finland. We regularly publish market data on developments in the Finnish market. Moreover, we offer judicial expertise on renting in Finland.

The best knowhow of the rental market in Finland at your service:

  • Market development
  • Judicial matters 
  • Real estate investment 
  • Local knowledge 

Interview requests and other information 

Liina Länsiluoto 
Director of Communications 
+358 40 835 4900 

Our top experts:

Judicial matters related to real estate investment and renting, fair leasing practices
Sanna Hughes
Executive Director 
+358 40 044 0903

Tarik Ahsanullah
Head Attorney
+358 45 1143 854

Housing policy
Ville Valkonen
Director, Public Affairs
+358 44 567 2201

Housing market, economy
Sakari Rokkanen
+358 40 762 5340