Avaindata – Information service

Asuntoliiga Oy’s easy-to-use Avaindata information service provides important data for property investors!

As a member of the Finnish Landlord Association, you get 50% off of Avaindata’s single user licenses. The service is regularly priced at 890 EUR/year or 89 EUR/month. The benefit is available for individual members only.

To activate your benefit:

To use the Finnish Landlord Association member benefit, enter your membership benefit code when subscribing to the Avaindata service at the Asuntoliiga online store. In the cart, enter your membership benefit code under ‘Käytä kuponki’ (Use coupon) before checkout. The benefit is applicable to a single license with Avaindata Liiga and Avaindata Liiga Try Out subscriptions.

Asuntoliiga Oy:

Asuntoliiga Oy’s Avaindata information service simplifies analysing and keeping track of the housing market. When you search for an address, the service compiles data for a specific region into a report which is sorted by themes. You can also drill down on the information based on building and apartment type. Avaindata is designed to serve professionals in the housing market – real estate investors and agents, constructors, people involved in regional development – along with anyone selling or buying a home.

The Avaindata service provides information collected by Statistics Finland, Suomen Asiakastieto Oy, and Schibsted Suomi Oy’s Oikotie service. The data covers entire Finland and takes recent developments in various indicators, e.g. prices, migration and demographics, and converts them into a visual representation. The data is supported by monitoring of latest news, available for the 20 largest Finnish cities. Data contents are curated by specialists from Asuntoliiga Oy and Robonomist Oy, with the latter responsible for the technical implementation of the service.

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