Membership services

The Finnish Landlord Association offers various services and partner benefits to its members. The services and benefits aim to make renting easier, more rewarding and more profitable.

This page includes information on membership services of the Finnish Landlord Association.
See also our partner benefits for members (in Finnish)

The Finnish Landlord services

Membership advisory service

Advice regarding your membership, the association, training and invoicing.

Service hours:
Weekdays, 12 PM to 3 PM

+358 9 1667 6421 or

We provide advice to our members by phone, online and at events. We do not provide advisory services at our local office.

Advice on renting and real-estate investment

As a member, you are entitled to free legal advice on issues related to renting and real-estate investment. Contact us by phone or chat or fill our online advisory service form.


Our phone service is available as follows:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 9 AM to 3 PM
Mondays and Fridays, 10 AM to 3 PM

+358 9 1667 6345

When you call in, please have your membership number at hand for membership verification. You can find your membership number by logging in to our member pages or by checking your membership invoice or the address field in the Vuokranantaja magazine.

Members can also submit questions through the online legal advisory service at our website. This service is for members only and requires you to log in to our website. The service is provided free of charge.


With the Finnish Landlord Association online advisory service, you can submit your question and any file attachments to our lawyers. By using our online advisory service, you can avoid queuing on the phone and submit a question at any hour of the day. This free service is for members only.

Go to online advisory service (login to member pages required)

Agreement and document templates

The Finnish Landlord Association provides agreement and document templates to help you get started. These templates have been created by the Finnish Landlord Association’s legal experts.

You can download the agreement and document templates on our member pages.

Download the templates as Word and PDF documents, make edits and print them for signing. These documents help you throughout the lease.

Tracking template

The Finnish Landlord Association provides a template that simplifies tracking your rental income and expenses and filling out your tax return. This templates helps you keep track of your rental income and tax-deductible expenses, making your tax return a breeze.

Tracking template


Guides and guidance

The association has an important role in providing guidance and recommendations for the rental market. Our goal is to promote fair practices and successful leases.

Discover our guides

Investment property loan comparison

Suomen Rahatieto issues an interest rate comparison of investment property loans that we publish on these pages.

The collected data in this comparison is based on an investment property in good condition and located in the Capital Region. Banks issue these investment property loans using their set criteria for the property’s insurable value and the financial standing of the investor.

Background information

  • investment property in good condition, located in the Capital Region
  • €150,000 loan
  • loan period of 25 years
  • instalment every six months

More information on loan interest rates is available in Finnish

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