Oikotie Asunnot: 50% off of rental and sales listings

Oikotie gives you 50% off of premium rental and sales listings as a membership benefit. You can apply the discount and get the benefits with a valid membership benefit code. The code is entered as you submit the listing. This benefit is available for individual members.

Oikotie Asunnot is the best-known housing service in Finland. Over a million users visit the website and mobile app every week. With 300,000 users visiting the rental section, you will find your tenant quickly.

Oikotie provides two options for rental listings: a free listing and a premium listing. Both types of listings reach a wide target audience. However, with the premium model you have affordably priced additional services at your disposal. Now, we offer a new benefit: 50% off of sales listings!

Rental listing:

• Oikotie rental listings are free for private individuals.
• Individual members of the Finnish Landlord Association get a 50% discount on new premium rental listings, for the price of €35 (standard price €70).
• In addition to the standard listing, premium rental listings include highlighted listings on the search result page, 3 credit checks, a listing guarantee and a Finnish Landlord Association logo in the listing.

Sales listing:

• Individual members of the Finnish Landlord Association get a 50% discount on new sales listings, for the price of €74.50 (standard price €149).
• Your sales listing includes templates for offers and deeds of sale, brochure templates for your viewings, a listing guarantee, customer support and visitor data.

*) The discounts are valid for private landlords. They expire once the apartment is rented/sold.

You can reach the Oikotie customer service by phone on weekdays from 9 AM to 4 PM at +358 10 808 840 or by e-mail at oikotie.asunnot@oikotie.fi