District managers

Local operations of the Finnish Landlord Association are managed by district managers. District managers organize landlord cabinet meetings and are actively involved in local activities on behalf of the association. 

Local district managers are the backbone of the Finnish Landlord Association. A district manager is a position of trust that may be held by landlords and active association members across Finland with a great deal of first-hand experience on renting and real estate investment. District managers organize landlord cabinet meetings and are actively involved in local activities on behalf of the association. They also maintain a close relationship with the main office of the association.  

Landlord cabinet meetings are free, members-only discussion panels. These get-togethers are laid-back and the discussion revolves around successful leasing and problem-solving with varying themes. These cabinet meetings are a great way to learn from other landlords. For more information on upcoming meetings, please see our website and the events page. 

District managers 

District manager e-mail addresses are in the following format: firstname.lastname@vuokranantajat.fi 

Heikki Karu, puh. 0400 488 175, Uusimaa/Helsinki 

Katja Savolainen, puh. 050 342 4748, Uusimaa/Espoo 

Hanna-Leena Jokinen, puh. 045 7834 5216, Uusimaa/Espoo

Matti Koivumäki, puh. 045 316 2100, Uusimaa/Vantaa 

Katja Pesonen, puh. 040 722 0580, Uusimaa/Vantaa 

Päivi Suomela-Lyyski, puh. 050 309 9149, Keski-Uusimaa

Susanna Rantakare, 040 820 5258, Varsinais-Suomi 

Katja Kurkinen, puh. 044 355 9989, Varsinais-Suomi

Timo Harjunpää, puh. 040 824 4253,  Satakunta 

Antti Ahonen, puh. 044 535 9400, Kanta-Häme 

Kimmo Jyrkkä, puh. 045 255 1225, Pirkanmaa  

Markus Grahn, puh. 040 554 0223, Päijät-Häme 

Pia Helkiö, puh. 044 508 2767, Pohjois-Savo 

Markku Pennanen, p. 050 394 9832, Pohjois-Karjala

Niklas Suominen, puh. 040 510 5868, Keski-Suomi 

Satu Viitala, puh. 040 835 2372, Keski-Suomi

Elisa Havusela, puh. 050 325 2362, Etelä-Pohjanmaa

Tapio Piittari, puh. 040 504 6400, Pohjanmaa 

Pasi Orava, puh. 050 485 5226, Pohjois-Suomi 

Helena Reinilä, puh. 050 486 1841, Pohjois-Suomi

Juha Kauhanen, p. 040 561 7934, Lappi 

For more information on our local activities and for joining in on our local operations, please contact our member services: +358 9 1667 6421 / toimisto@vuokranantajat.fi