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The Finnish Landlord Association is the leading association for landlords and real-estate investors in Finland. We promote and support private landlords by offering a wide range of services. 

The Finnish Landlord Association is a member of the Finnish Real Estate Federation.

The Finnish Landlord Association in a nutshell

  • Founded in 1999
  • Operates in Finland – local representatives in over 20 cities
  • Sanna Hughes, executive director
  • Jouni Lehtinen, chairman of the board
  • Contact information for the whole personnell (in Finnish)
  • Over 23 000 members

Become a member

If you are a landlord in Finland, you should be a member of The Finnish Landlord Association.

Our membership offers you access to a wide range of services, discounts and privileges that are exclusive to our members.

  • Know your rights and responsibilities
  • Get support and help (templates for rental contracts, etc)
  • Meet fellow landlords
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Benefit from a wide range of services
  • Help us strengthen our voice

Fill in the membership application and become a member!

Learn more about membership benefits

Legal advice

As a member, you can easily contact our lawyers with any questions regarding renting in Finland. Typical questions concern drafting the contract, raising the rent and ending the lease agreement.

One-to-one telephone advice and support:

Call: 09 1667 6345

Opening hours:
Tuesday-Thursday 9-15
Monday, Friday 10-15

Online advice:

You can also send questions via our website. We will answer to your question within 5 working days. You can choose whether you want a written answer by email (we will answer in Finnish) or our lawyer to call you with the answer (also in English).

Consumer credit data check-up

Checking credit data is an essential part when choosing a new tenant. Our members can check the payment defaults and other credit data entries from the tenant candidate before making the tenancy agreement. You will need the social security number of the candidate to be able to check the consumer credit data.

Check online trough our webpage: 9,0 € /candidate (requires logging into and online bank service identification)

Discounts on rental ads – 50 % discount is described as the most user friendly national online service for renting apartments. The website has about 100 000 visits per week. As a member you get a 50 % discount from rental advertisements. Discount is activated by using our discount code. offers Varmasti vuokralle -guarantee for private landlords: if you can not find a tenant within 8 weeks of continuous advertising, you will get your money back. Contact the customer service of in cases of refund. – 50 % discount

Oikotie Asunnot is the most popular service of housing and most known service in renting across Finland. Oikotie Asunnot has around a million users per week and almost 300 000 of them on the rental side.
As a member you get a 50 % discount for new rental advertisements and an additional extra visibility boost to your ad. The price also includes three consumer credit data checks. Our membership logo will also be visible on your ad to signal that you are part of our national landlord network.
Advertisement is valid until you will find a tenant. Discount and benefits are activated by using our discount code.
Debt collection

As a member you can collect debts trough KTI Laskutus Ltd.
Our members can use the service with these discounted prices:

Only successful debt collections are charged.

  • Fee for starting the process 0 €
  • Voluntary debt collection 0 %
  • Legal debt collection 5 %

The commission fee is based on the successfully collected amount (+VAT).

Using the service requires Suomen Vuokranantajat discount code.

Benefits in Finnish

These benefits are available only in Finnish.

  • Vuokranantaja membership magazine
    • Vuokranantaja is the leading magazine in renting business in Finland. The magazine is published 4 times a year. Only in Finnish.
  • Lectures and seminars around Finland

You can find all membership benefits here.

Business card for landlord

With your own business card you can communicate to your tenant, bank or other investors that you are a part of the Finnish Landlord Association and a fair and trustworthy landlord. Our members can order free business cards through our web site.

Guide books

The Finnish Landlord Association provides the members with many practical guide books on renting out apartments. We also take actively part in negotiating about the practices in the field.

One of the most prominent guidebooks on this field is the Fair rental practices, that aims to problem-free and functional residential lease.

More guidebooks in Finnish